Course Outline for PHP

What is PHP?

PHP is a open source, interpreted and object-oriented scripting language i.e. executed at server side. It is used to develop web applications (an application i.e. executed at server side and generates dynamic page).



  • 2.1 Making Decisions, Doing Repetitive task with looping, Mixing Decisions and looping with Html.
  • 3.1 What is a function, Define a function, Call by value and Call by reference, Recursive function, String Creating and accessing, String Searching & Replacing String, Formatting String, String Related Library function


  • 4.1 Anatomy of an Array, Creating index based and Associative array Accessing array, Element Looping with Index based array, Looping with associative array using each () and foreach(), Some useful Library function
  • 5.1 Capturing Form, Data Dealing with Multi-value filed, and Generating File uploaded form, redirecting a form after submission.
  • 6.1 Understanding file& directory, Opening and closing, a file, Coping, renaming and deleting a file, working with directories, Creating and deleting folder, File Uploading & Downloading.
  • 7.1 Introduction to Session Control, Session Functionality What is a Cookie, Setting Cookies with PHP. Using Cookies with Sessions, Deleting Cookies, Registering Session variables, Destroying the variables and Session.
  • 8.1 Introduction to RDBMS, Connection with MySql Database, Performing basic database operation(DML) (Insert, Delete, Update, Select), Setting query parameter, Executing queryJoin (Cross joins, Inner joins, Outer Joins, Self joins.)
  • 9.1 Understanding Exception and error, Try, catch, throw. Error tracking and debugging.